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Countdown! Pinot Noir Harvest 2011!

One aspect of this whole "viti" endeavor that has taken me by surprise is the excitement of harvest.  Last year we were exhuberant over our first ever harvest. There would never be another very first!  I thought at the time I would not experience it all to the same degree.  Perhaps after many, many years the vibrancy of the event will fade, but I have to say that this year I think I am even more excited, possibly because of less anxiety of the unknown... just how does one know how to harvest a vineyard if they have never done it before?  And I think, because we now know that our wines are considered to be of fine quality and they taste really good, I am even more excited to see how this year's vintage will turn out.

The numbers are of vital importance in determining when to harvest.  We look primarily at the brix (sugar levels) and the ph.  Having the proper proportion of each will offer the greatest chance of making an outstanding wine.  It is difficult to find that perfect sugar/acid balance, but at this point, it looks like we will hit those numbers spot on come Sunday morning.  We are aiming for 23 brix and 3.4ph and we are going to be very close, if not precisely there, in less than 48 hours from now.

And here, my little "viti-kid", Owen, learns how to read the brix level in the refractometer!

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