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And Hear, Hear to our Man of the Year!!

It is safe to say we would not be making our wines in our own winery this year had it not been for the person Dennis and I are announcing as our Man of the Year, our fabulously talented, hard-working, magnificent son, Nathan!!
Nathan, has been in charge of the entire winery project.  I can't even begin to mention all the hats he has worn during this undertaking; from the beginning design concepts, all the way through to setting up the tanks and everything in between.  He got through it all...and got us where we are, ready to open our own winery in time for our own harvest!! Amazing!   He ordered equipment, arranged subs, negotiated, conferred, designed, repaired.  You name it, he did it.  He even faced the chimney with stone when we couldn't get anyone here in time so the roofers could finish the roof.  This guy can do it all.   AND... he is in charge of making the wine, under the guiding hands of our dear, Monsieur Mattheiu Finot. 
Words are insufficient to express our gratitude that he chose to move from that lovely city of Denver and take this family business to the next step. Hear, hear.. to Nathan! Bravo, dear son!  And more thanks than you can imagine.

He even works in the vineyard! What a guy!
What a gift!

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