A personal perpsective of life in our Virginia vineyard... Christine Wells Vrooman



Season of Quiet

January Musings

At this time of year, when the vineyard sleeps and snow has settled snugly against the vineyard floor, I often find myself cocooning by the stone fireplace, sipping hot tea or a nice glass of Pinot in the evening.   I have studied each rock of this three story work of art, built by the local stonemason and his crew.   They hand-picked each and every rock from the forest floor on our land.... placed them carefully, studied their work, brushed the mortar precisely as they made their way to the top.  What a gift they have crafted for our future generations to enjoy.   The fire "crackles and pops" in varying degrees, depending on the type of wood thrown in, all cut from our land.  From these ashes, a  handful will be spread around each vine later this winter to increase the potassium levels in the soil; just one example of sustainable living up here on this mountain.

A cozy cocoon on a snowy night

I muse over issues that have captured my spirit... Respecting the natural world and keeping it as free from our intrusions as possible.... Getting kids back to the out of doors (A good book to read... "Last Child in the Woods").  I feel one of the greatest gifts we can bestow upon our children and grandchildren is for them to find joy in the natural world.... to marvel at the ever-changing moon, to contemplate the concept of the universe,  to notice the song of a bird when stepping out doors, and to hear the crunch of leaves underfoot and smell their spiciness.  Simplicity has a beauty unto itself.   And you  needn't run to the store to buy it or recharge its batteries.
I suggest choosing the new family pet at a shelter... finding the food you eat from a nearby source.  I could go on and on.  My passions are many, but they need not find themselves here I suppose!  I will hop off my little soapbox.  Next posting, back to the vineyard, as we turn our attentions to springtime.  Our first tasks, pruning, tightening the trellis wire that will hold our grown-up, beautiful canopy and fruit this year, and adding compost and other amendments to the soil.  Won't be long now!

A Vineyard in Winter



(Just love my ATV)


 And this lovely image captured by our son, Nathan!

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