A personal perpsective of life in our Virginia vineyard... Christine Wells Vrooman



A Vineyard's Christmas Poem

They sleep, our vines, this Christmas Eve
Beneath a heavy cloak of snow
Where stillness reigns a tranquil night
And moonlight casts a celestial light
Into the dark 
Woods and vineyard rows
And the white breath of sheep
Lifts to the air and vanishes
Chewing their cud, they huddle
Their color changed against the snow
How did this snow find its way
To these mountains
That I love
When from the heavens did last week fall
A Winter solstice snow
And wrapped our world in Christmas
A mountain all aglow
Where under this moonlit night, a blanket of white
Hushes majestic forests still.  And tall, silent trees
Lay down their shadows, long and black
Upon the silent white
In this blessed silent night
A peaceful world that softens a heart
Into love
A love that finds its way into all...
That is near
Feeding the earth and vines planted here
Dig deep, dear roots
And when you awaken from 
This Christmas snow
Deeper still
To this earth that gave you life
To this place where you were raised
This place
Where heaven and earth join
This place we love

May the peace of this mountain Christmas snow fill your hearts
this day and always.
Merry Christmas to All!

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  1. beautiful thoughts expressed with grace. a blessing. merry christmas and a wonderful 2010.