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Know Thine Enemy!

I have immersed myself into the study of the sinister life of the despicable, Guignardia Bidwellii... the malcious, despot known as "Black Rot"!..... that loathesome, evil fungal disease that is intent on destroying future crops. (Can you tell it is therapeutic for me to use as many disgusting adjectives as possible)? This multi-faceted, repugnant beast might think it will get away with such plans, but I think not!! I have learned of terms like acospores, pycnidia, conidia, spermagonia. I read of words not studied since my days of Microbiology class decades ago... mycellium, parasitic, saprophytic. I know the times of incubation, infection, sporulation.. yada, yada... And we are having the perfect season (rainy and mild) for "BR" to have its way. But I will NOT let it have its way with me! No sir! As mentioned before, if we cannot eradicate it with environmentally gentle ways, then next year we will have no choice but to use chemicals. But... I have something up my vineyard shirt's sleeve...heh heh....

The Damnation of the Sporulation??
I am working with a fantastic individual ( a plant/food scientist) from CA whose company established a patent years ago that I discovered online. He is willing to work with me on some field trials in our vineyard on a product that we think holds great promise. Trials will begin in the next couple of weeks and run through the rest of the growing season. And it seems the weather will actually now be cooperating with us, as we will need some rainy weather to test the effects of the product. sooo... Stay tuned, my friends. Progress reports will follow!

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  1. Way to go! Good luck. M. in Tennessee