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A Wish For the New Year

My New Year’s Wish
That every child, every night be cuddled tightly, snuggled
Under blankets warmed by love, sung into slumber
Whispered words of wonder
Of swaying trees and glittering stars
Of a world where winds roar and clouds take form
Where birds take flight, soar out of sight.
Where snowflakes glisten, flutter and fall
And settle softly on lofty limbs and tiny twigs
And gently land on a little child’s tongue
Where little legs run to hide, to jump
Growing strong, crawling 
On rocks and fallen logs. Petting turtles
Catching frogs.  Noses sniffing sweet summer fields
And spiced, soggy leaves under muddied feet
Hearing a robin symphony in spring
Tiny worlds beneath a rock
Stars in a space without end
Unable to comprehend
Mysteries far beyond our little minds
Marvels of nature that awe, inspire
Filling little minds seeking meaning, climbing higher
To learn of treasures, discovering pleasures
Knowing the miracle of wonder
Found in the vast outdoors
Far from the batteried world held in a hand
Thought for fun where fingers flicker
Legs wither, minds grow numb
Lift your face to the sun, catch the kiss
Of the wind on your cheek.
Oh sweet child, know what you seek

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