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Buds Are Popping Out All Over

Chardonnay Budbreak, 2011  
I am officially claiming April 14 as our budbreak for Chardonnay this year.  It looks like the Pinot will be about one week behind.  I am going to follow this one bud for you throughout the year.  I'll need to give her a name. 
The buds are fragile now.  They will pop off pretty easily so we want to be gentle with these newborns.  Weather report is predicting possible large hail tomorrow.  This morning it is sunny, mild, birds are singing happily.  Oh hail, you do not need to fall here tomorrow... just move on down the valley to where nothing is so young and vulnerable. 

Can you tell what is wrong with the buds in the next two images?

You'll find the answer in my next post!

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