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The Son Also Rises...

...To the occassion of our expansion!  With gratitude and great joy, we are able to officially welcome our dear son, Nathan, into the growing realm of Ankida Ridge.  Having returned from a wonderful job in Denver that paid so very much more than will come anytime soon here, he is heading up our expansion to the next level...the construction of our winery!  He will also implement our winemaking, under the expertise of our winemaker from this past year at Stinson Vineyards, Matthieu Finot.

Nathan has been hard at work with the entire design, from the size and location of the building to studying and pricing the various pieces of equipment that will fill up the building.  Groundbreaking... or shall I say "rock-breaking" began last week.  To get an idea of the amount of rock we are dealing with, here is a short video of Marvin, our "excavator extraordinaire" trying to break through the massive granite bedrock that is occupying the back corner of our future barrel room!

Stay tuned for more!

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